The author of this Handbook (in the hat,  above) is a woolgrower from Central Western NSW who has been actively campaigning for soil carbon rights for farmers since it emerged as an issue. No corporation or government agency "pays the piper". His advice is independent.
Michael Kiely, Convenor of the Carbon Coalition and Soil Carbon authority, has also been a professional writer and editor for 35 years. He has earned a reputation for fairness and objectivity among the scientists and farmers he deals with.

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The Carbon Coalition has been in the front ranks of the campaign in Australia and saw the birth of the “Movement” in New Zealand, America, India and South Africa. For three years the Convenors Michael & Louisa Kiely have funded the lobbying and outreach program of the Coalition. "They should be awarded the Nobel Prize,” according to Andre Leu, Chairman, Organic Federation of Australia."You single-handedly barnstormed the issue onto the national agenda,” says Matt Cawood, The Land Newspaper.

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Part of the price of every book sold includes a donation to the Carbon Coalition to assist it to achieve its goal: “To see the day that soil carbon is traded and farmers paid (fairly) for what they grow.”

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